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ECO Mode Technology - Mitsubishi Outlander - Randall Mitsubishi
These days, cars are becoming more and more fuel efficient to meet increasingly strict environmental laws and customer demand for better fuel economy. The truth is, people like to save money on gas, and it helps to know you’re doing your part to save the planet while you’re doing it. However, people still like to partake in the fun and thrills of a sportier ride - which usually entails an engine that needs more gas. Mitsubishi came up with a solution in the form of ECO mode.

ECO Mode allows drivers to switch between different driving modes. If you need an extra power boost or want more dynamic handling, you can leave ECO Mode off. However, once you’ve engaged it, ECO Mode utilizes cutting-edge technology to adjust the vehicle’s performance and powertrain so that it uses less fuel. Less fuel means fewer trips to the gas station and fewer emissions in the atmosphere.

Some other aspects of the vehicle will be altered too, such as initial acceleration and even air conditioning, in order to reduce the amount of energy needed by your Mitsubishi vehicle to function. At any time, you can switch ECO Mode off in order to enjoy all your amenities at full capacity, but on those days when you just want to save money while running errands, it’s a much-needed alternative to the gas-guzzling haulers of the past.

For more information on ECO Mode and other technology features in Mitsubishi vehicles visit the Mitsubishi experts at Randall Mitsubishi in San Angelo, TX.


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