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Vehicle Sounds and Their Meanings


Cars keep getting smarter, which means they’re working harder at keeping us alert to their needs and conditions. Still, you can’t always count on an indicator light to clue you in. Learn how to determine your vehicle’s needs by listening to its sounds.


Knocking in the Engine

Most of the time, a knocking in the engine is a sign that you’ve put the wrong type of gas in your tank. Using the wrong gas throws the spark plugs for a loop and causes the pistons to move erratically which is what creates the knocking sound. Once you put the right gas in, things should go back to normal.

Soft, Repetitive Clicking Under the Hood

If you’re hearing what sounds like a ticker tape when you drive, you’re probably low on oil. Pull over and check your oil levels as soon as possible. Adding a little more oil will only cost you $5 or $10, but if you ignore this sound, your engine risks seizing up, which will be much more costly.


Screeching Brakes
Screeching brakes is a common vehicle sound because it’s actually a built-in warning sign. Brake pads come with small bits of metal built in to let the driver know when the gripping part of the pad is wearing down. Sometimes, brakes will screech when they’re wet. But, if the sound persists, take your car in for new brake pads or learn how to replace them on your own.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should bring your vehicle into our service department and we'll make it good-as-new!

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