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Why Buy Used?

Buying used is normally the way to go when it comes to picking out a car that is new to you. But why is buying used so beneficial and becoming more popular these days? Depreciation costs, insurance costs, and more for less are just a few reasons why buying a used vehicle is a good bet. Randall Mitsubishi would love to get you in a used vehicle that is just right for you.

Depreciation Costs
Once a new car is driven off a lot it depreciates about 20% and then it depreciates an additional 10% within its first year. When you buy used, even one that is only a couple years old, the car is at a significantly better price than a new car.

Insurance Costs
Another benefit to buying used is that some insurance companies use the value of the vehicle as a key factor in determining the insurance cost, so a higher car value means a higher insurance payment. It is also possible, through some insurance companies, that with a used car you can drop some elements of the car insurance, if you feel the elements are not relevant to the type of coverage you are looking for.

Registration Fees
Another benefit, much like lower insurance costs, is the cost to register your vehicle. States often base the price of registration fees off the transaction price of the car meaning that if you buy used, often a lower price than new cars, then you will also save on registering your car. In recent years, many states have been raising their registration cost so used cars will help you keep that cost down.

More for Less

Deciding to buy used often means you will get more car for less. Consider buying a model that is used and you may find you can afford to splurge on the used car with the extra features you like. Additionally a used car today compared to a used car 10 years ago has a much longer life because cars are now running for 200,000 miles as long as they are kept properly.

Auto Reports

One of the most important reasons why buying used is growing in popularity is the option you have to view auto reports about the vehicle. Thanks to companies such as Carfax and Autocheck you now can keep peace of mind by verifying used car mileage, accident reports, and whether the car was declared a loss by an insurance company.

Randall Mitsubishi is here to help you find the right used car to fit your lifestyle. So contact us or come on over to Randall Mitsubishi and view our whole selection of new and used vehicles!
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