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When you simply can’t put off a car repair any longer, it’s easy to find the mechanic that will do the job for the lowest price. More often than not, however, you are sacrificing quality when it comes to a cheaper repair. Most independent mechanics are much less reliable than your local certified automotive dealership, like Randall Mitsubishi. Knowing why you should service your car at the dealer is as simple as knowing the benefits associated with it.

Generally speaking, most certified automotive dealerships will remind you via mail or email when your car is due for routine service. They may also send you financing offers, recall notices, and limited time deals.

Mechanics and technicians that work at a certified dealer are trained by the brand manufacturer to be an expert on that specific set of vehicles. That means they’re more than capable of fixing common problems and finding uncommon problems quickly, saving you both time and money.
By continuing to service at a dealership such as Randall Mitsubishi, you’re creating a vehicle history with us. Each time your car comes in for service, our technicians make a note of it. If a major problem arises in the future, the technician can pull up your file and determine what the cause is.

Better yet, when a dealer makes a repair, you can expect pure quality. The original vehicle manufacturer designs each part used by a certified automotive dealership for repairs. That means each and every part will fit and function without a hitch.

If there happens to be a defective part, most dealerships will replace the part and fix the problem free of charge. Many of the parts and repairs are covered under the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty as well.

While an independent mechanic will get the job done for a low price, a dealership will get the job done right the first time—and still at an affordable cost.


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